Pumpkin Bread Recipe
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Pumpkin Bread Halloween Decor Recipe.
A traditional quick bread that brings a taste of fall to breakfast, brunch or lunch.

Bittersweet Chocolate Cookies
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Gingerbread cutters work if you’re making skeletons. You can also use 2 1/2-inch cat or bat cutters. Look for meringue powder at craft stores or in the craft section of some big-box retailers.

Graveyard Cake
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ar as decorative Halloween cakes go, this one is the easiest by far. Eerie and darkened with black cookie crumbs that look like soil, our Graveyard Cake might just be a must Halloween decoration for your table.

Honey-Orange Marshmallows
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DIY marshmallow recipes are fun and easy to try. Best of all, you can change up the color to match any holiday or party theme in the book. Try a light dessert in the hues of Halloween.

Mummy Buckeyes
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Our two-bite treats are scary-simple to make and a spooktacular addition to your spread of haunted sweets. Most buckeye recipes call for a whole stick of butter, but we found that protein-packed chickpeas lend the same creamy texture while cutting the sat fat in half. Your family will never know these monstrously delicious treats are bean-based. Plus, it’s a great way to sneak in extra fiber. When it comes time to mummify, let the kids help out for a fun holiday craft. That’s a wrap!

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